Primitive Eldorian Edit

Etymology Edit

From Language of Nydra root: WN

Pronunciation Edit


Noun Edit

wūnan e (plural wūnani, collective wūnar)

  1. Bridge, a structure used to cross a gap or a body of water

Inflection Edit

First Declension (Earth -an)
Case Singular Plural Collective
Nominitive wūnan wūnani wūnar
Accusative wūnan wūnani wūnanar
Dative wūnas wūnasi wūnasar
Genitive wūnat wūnati wūnatar
Allative wūnolla wūnolli wūnollar
Ablative wūnolta wūnolti wūnoltar
Locative wūnonna wūnonni wūnonar
Instrumental wūnomma wūnommi wūnomar
Inessive wūnossa wūnossi wūnosar
Superessive wūnotta wūnotti wūnotar
Subessive wūnosta wūnosti wūnostar
Comitative wūnonta wūnonti wūnontar
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